"Generation of electricity for private use through photovoltaic solar installations connected to the domestic grid"

IEDRE brings you a new way of consuming energy.

The system allows the user, with a photovoltaic installation on their roof or facade on your home or business, reducing the consumption from the external power grid by feeding on the energy generated by the own installation.

When the photovoltaic system cannot meet the energy demand of the user (e.g. at night time or on cloudy days), it will buy power directly from the grid through the energy trading company he/she has contracted. Thus, the end user pays only for the energy consumed directly from the power grid – we also offer advice on this matter.

Check feasibility first


Investment is 100% assumed by our organization.

All costs for the implementation of the system are assumed by IEDRE, the user only pays a monthly fee to the company by kilowatt-hours (kWh) produced and consumed by the solar photovoltaic installation.

IEDRE, being the energy producer, can offer a lower price by removing other components of your bill, paying only for the "energy term".

SAVINGS are visible from the first bill, and that’s only the beginning. The price is not affected by future increases in electricity costs.

Lesser immediate costs: you can save from the first billing month without reducing consumption as the customer does not have to support the necessary project investments.

Comparativa coste autoconsumo

Comparativa coste autoconsumo



Comparativa coste autoconsumo

Comparativa coste autoconsumo

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