Energy efficiency

"Rational and efficient consumption of energy consumed directly from the power grid"

Energy audits and issuing of energy certificates.

The necessary measures for saving in your electricity bill should not be limited exclusively to the reduction of the energy consumed from the grid; we should pay special attention to the rational and efficient use of this energy whatever its source.

Energy efficiency is a concept associated with minimal power consumption while retaining the features and comfort offered by a device or appliance. It is around this concept that there are significant investments in R&D for the development and commercialization of efficient equipment, and  the use of emerging classifications energy (A + + , A + , A, B, C , D , ... ) for most home appliances, aimed at informing consumers of varying quality of these from environmental and saving points of view.

The use of these devices coupled with a sound management of its operation may involve significant reductions in our energy costs and should be the previous step before installing a self-consumption system.

A detailed and personalized study about loads, consumption, and operating times must always be made prior to any proposal.

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