Promoting engineering and assembly

"Design and development of power generation projects from renewable sources"

Engineering tasks for generation into the power grid projects and related activities.


  • Search for the site on which to settle the facilities.
  • Engineering and construction management. Execution of projects developed by our engineering team; management and detailed monitoring of the assembly site.Workengineering and constructionmanagementforthirdparties.
  • Set up offacilities .Set up of facilities through our partners and subcontractors.
  • Research and development, in line with R & D, development and implementation of various projects, with the aim of improving the performance of facilities and ultimately to improve the product we offer, through exploring new possibilities.
  • Execution of contracts, administrative management: handling administrative authorizations and requests for inclusion in the special regime. Management for our own plants or for third parties.
  • Expert advice; legal, economic and financial - individualized fiscal studies; including seeking project financing.

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