"The operation and maintenance (preventive and corrective) of power plants and their connection infrastructure."

Promoting engineering and assembly

"Design and development of power generation projects from renewable sources"

Energy efficiency

"Rational and efficient consumption of energy consumed directly from the power grid"


"Generation of electricity for private use through photovoltaic solar installations connected to the domestic grid"

Quality systems

Iedre has a high quality management; the mandatory processes for installationsfollow certified quality and control standards. Both supplier and installer companies contracted by Iedre have certified  ISO 9001 quality system control and ISO 14001 environmental regulations, so that the works carried out comply with and abide by these standards.

R&D + Innovation

Constant research and application of the progress made in order to improve the performance of energy production and the development of new ways to reduce consumption.

Full service

We offer a comprehensive fine-tuning service, ensuring the monitoring of energy production and other indicators, monitoring and correction of deviations (corrective measures) and customer reporting activities.

Our projects support us

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Energy Audits and Energy Certifications

auditorias certificaciones energéticas

From IEDRE we perform Energy Audits and Energy Certifications, developing fully customized studies, in order to leverage existing technology to achieve a more responsible and efficient use of energy.

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