IEDRE, profesionales del sector de las energías renovables

IEDRE is a company formed by a team of highly qualified professionals and extensive experience in the renewable energy sector.

Born in 2006 as one of the pioneers in Spain’s renewable energy sector, it has grown up by bringing together the know-how of a group that has turned over more than 100 million euros in the construction and sale of solar installations.

This is our main advantage: having a qualified and experienced team in the industry, which has allowed us to have a comprehensive knowledge of the market and special relationships with major operators.

IEDRE: International efficiency, worldwide excellence.

Internacionalización IEDRE


    Eficiencia energética

    "Rational and e cient consumption of energy consumed directly from network"

    • The purpose of energy saving goes beyond the bill discount, but is about paying special attention to the rational and efficient use of this energy regardless of their origin.
    • Energy efficiency aims to minimize energy consumption and conserve the practicality and comfort of any equipment or appliance.


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